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Online Studies

We started online classes in 2017 (offline classes from 2014) and use the most advanced technology to offer you an amazing online learning experience.

14 subjects

We offer Mathmatices (3P and 5P), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Philosophy, Economics, English, French,  German, Spanish, History and Geography.

Taught in 5 languages

No matter which section you are from: English, French, German, Finnish or Spanish, we can teach you in your own language!


Our Course Offerings

1-to-1 Online Tutorials

Weekly classes Or Intensive ReVision

Your specific needs can be best  addressed by private tutorials. We can also help you to fill in the gaps if you have switched from a different educational system.

Group Revision Courses

one week intensive revision

We run small group revision classes with up to 4 students per class. These are offered online during school holidays, and will allow plenty of personal attention.

Maths Level Assessment

We help you to make the choice

Hesitating between basic maths (3 period) and advanced maths (5 or 6 period) ? Don’t worry. Our teaching director Jenny will help you to make the right choice. 


Why Learn With Us?


Specialist in the European School Syllabus

Our tutors are specialists and trained to teach according to the European school syllabus. We use past European baccalaureate exam questions to help you to prepare.


9 Years experience

Beginning with our first student in Strasbourg in 2014, European School Tutors are proud to have always been exclusively focused on the European school system.


Over 400 Graduates

Most of our students have substantially improved their grades. Many of our students have even doubled their marks and started to enjoy subjects they previously disliked. See what our students say.


World Class Educators

We carefully hand-pick our tutors according to their teaching skills and expertise in the European School Syllabus.


Our Students Are From

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Our private and group courses are open for registration for the new 2021-2022 academic year!

Excellent Choice

Solutions tailored to European School

students and parents

Large collection of teaching materials for European Schools

There is no book on the market that is specifically made for the European school syllabus. Students have a hard time to find appropriate extra materials to practice with. Over the years, we have built a large collection of exercises and teaching materials. We also coach students using previous exam papers such as A-tests, B-tests, Prebac and all the past years European baccalaureate papers. 

Help switching from a different educational system

We are aware that students attending European schools often relocate with their parents and sometimes have to change curriculum. We understand the difference between educational systems such as A-level, IB and EB, and will help you to make a smooth transition and fill any knowledge gaps.

Personalized service

Your satisfaction is important to us. We care about your experience and opinion: most of our new students have learned about European School Tutors from satisfied students and parents. We are not just another teaching agency, but an institution with a personal touch.

Realistic exam practice, from home

Our mock exams are hosted a few weeks before the official Prebac and baccalaureate exams. Practicing a mock exam is an excellent way to evaluate student progress, boost their confidence and improve their time management during the exam process.

About US

Our Story

European School Tutors was founded by Dr. Jenny Zhao in 2014. As a scientist and passionate educator, she has helped numerous European school students to build confidence and achieve excellence. Our mission is to help students in every European school receive the high quality education and support that they deserve. 


European Schools

Years Experience

Bac diploma


What Our Students Say

Jenny is a wonderful and invested tutor. She’s extremely thorough with her explanations and her teaching environment is positive and uplifting. I recently had important exams and one of my highest grades was in math. I hadn’t received a grade above 6 or 7/10 in math in 2 years until I started sessions with her. I got an 8.1 on the math prebac and I have never been happier with my math grades.

Paola Stern

On-line tutoring Maths 3P
European School of Strasbourg, 2021

A very successful intense Maths tutoring course that was fast-paced, efficient and ultimately very useful in studying for my Prebac exam.  I was able to work independently but also receive all the help I needed smile Definitely would recommend!

Elspeth Mair

Winter On-line intensive revision Maths 3P

European School of Brussels III (EEB III), 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start tutorial classes?

Our teaching director recommends that you start the tutorial early on. For S7 students it is best to start from September or the summer before S7. As the prebac and A grade counts for at least 40% toward the final grade, it is usually a good strategy to make sure you obtain a good mark in the first semester.

There is only one month left before the bac, can extra classes still make a difference?

It is going to be very tricky to make a big improvement in a short time. In rare cases it is possible depending on what kind of student you are. But we recommend you to start as early as possible, not only because that allows you to learn thoroughly and properly, but also because we cannot always guarantee our teacher availability at such short notice.

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