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When is the best time to start tutorial classes?

Our teaching director recomends that you start the tutorial early on. For S7 students it is best to start from September or the summer before S7. As the PreBac and A grade counts for at least 40% toward the final grade, it is usually a good strategy to make sure you obtain a good mark in the first smester.

The is only one month left before the final baccalaureate exam, can I still make a difference?

It is going to be very tricky to make a big improvement in a short time. In rare cases it is possible depending on what kind of student you are, and whether a highly experienced tutor is available to guide you through this. But we recommend you to start as early as possible, not only because that allows you to learn thoroughly and properly, but also because our highly experienced head teachers are usually fully booked near the exams.

What do you think are the most important things for students’ improvement?
  • Desire. A student can not improve if he/she doesn’t want to. That’s why we focus on cultivating interests in students, instead of only stuffing them with loads of theories.

  • Hard working. Everything comes with hard working. Although our teachers are all tops ones, if you don’t revise what you have learn with our teachers at home, you will probably forget what you have learned the previous time and we will end up repeating the same thing over and over again.

  • A good guidance. Students in school level are not supposed to master the scientific problems by themselves. You might not match with your school teachers teaching style, or you might have missed a few lessons and after that nothing made sense. No matter what is the cause, we are here to help you.


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