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Jenny helped my son with his preparation for the BAC exams in Biology and Maths. The training was fully focused on the particular exam format and that is why the results were very good. She is a very organized and dedicated tutor, she worked very consistently and intensively with him and managed to fill in a lot of gaps in his knowledge in a very short period. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any student who is struggling with the BAC exams preparation and also to the younger students who would like to achieve better results in sciences.”


Viara Todorova-Androva

parent of S7 French section student, on-line tutoring
European School of Brussels I (EEB I), 2020

“I always had a bit of difficulty with maths and I used to obtain scores around 7 before. During my last year (S7), I started taking classes with Jenny face to face, and eventually online as well. They helped me improve tremendously over the year, and I even managed to obtain an 8.8 score in my European Baccalaureate math exam. This is a score I never thought I would manage to have. This is thanks to the clear explanations that Jenny has given me over the year as well as the continuous homework I had to do in order to achieve better results in maths.

Thanks again for everything Jenny!

Sofia Rodrigue

Face-to-face and On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

This private tutoring course has helped me improve greatly in a short amount of time. She explains the concepts in an easy, understandable way, with illustrations to help me grasp the topic better. She keeps the lesson lively and fun by talking about real life situations and going through fun examples and exercises with me. Overall my understanding of physics has been better than ever, thanks to my tutor.

Katrina, S7 
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutoring subjects: Physics.


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