The service provided by European School Tutors was a total game changer for my son. It only emerged in February that there was a very big problem with maths. EST were able to come up with a plan of action that saw him get one to one tuition from a tutor that he really liked and which fitted around his studies and other activities. The results were truly remarkable. From failing his pre-bac he scored 9.1 in the bac. The tuition was simply excellent. It put him back on track for IT studies in University. I am completely satisfied.

-Mr. John Darcy

Parent of student in S7 English section

On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

Jenny is a really good and serious tutor who knows perfectly the secondary curriculum of European Schools. My girl was 2022 S7 in European School of The Hague, struggling and demotivated by unsuccessful efforts in the first term of the year. Starting in Feb, Jenny succeeded to bring her back on tracks and my girl passed her written maths with final bac marks above 6.5 (mid term was <4). She makes her committed and with tips to remember methods. All perfect knowing the short period!

Thank you Jenny for your fantastic job and patience. I am sure that success is all children as soon as they feel confident and you helped a lot to get it! Highly recommended tutor with 5🌟

-Dr. Valérie Fernandez,

Parent of student in S7 English section

 On-line tutoring
European School of The Hague, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

I started math lessons with Jenny at the beginning of S7 and have found them extremely helpful in preparing me well for the Pre-Bac and Bac of Math 5p. It helped to calm down the anxiety that I felt about the upcoming examinations. By the time I was going into my Bac exam, I felt confident and prepared. (No late-night, last-minute revisions were needed). I got a 94% from my Pre-Bac and 87% from the Bac (the highest scores in my class). During these tutoring lessons, we covered all of the topics in depth, making sure to fill in any gaps in my knowledge that I may have and also attempting the more complex questions of the previous Bacs and pre-Bacs. Jenny is truly an amazing tutor and her explanations are very clear and helpful as well as her ability to notice and foresee each student’s needs and weak areas. I could not recommend any better, more highly specialised tutor for the European Baccalaureate curriculum!

-Migle Rudauskaite, S7 English section

 On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 5P.

The tutoring is extremely good, effective and she manages to explain the whole syllabus simply and clearly, showing how they all relate together, easing the whole process. I was struggling with 3 period maths at the beginning of the year (S6), having gotten 60 in my December B-Test, but I knew I could do a lot better. After two months of tutoring, I got a 91 in my June B-Test. It was incredible the difference I felt walking into both exams. I felt confident, I understood every question and I knew everything. I plan on continuing next year for my Baccalaureate. I would most definitely recommend.

– Robyn Upton

Student in S6 English section

École européenne de Bruxelles IV, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

The European School Tutors have helped me a lot in the past year with maths and physics. Online classes are very efficient and easy to understand, and the teachers are great! Overall a very rewarding experience perfect for the EB syllabus 🙂

Esmée Gee

Student in S7 English section

European School Brussels III, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 5P and Physics


A very good and efficient teaching system, targeting the European syllabus. I took math lessons for over a year now, and my abilities especially with calculator have dramatically improved. My grades in math overall got higher. My tutor is very patient and quite flexible when it comes to adapting their teaching style for my current needs. They able to explain the topics in simple matter. Overall good experience !

– Student in S7 English section

Europäische Schule RheinMain, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 5P.

A great teacher, she is friendly and incredibly good at her job. A thorough knowledge of the European system and the syllabus, these classes boosted my grades by 20%. A true miracle worker 🙂 An excellent collection of questions and material, that she is also able to adapt to the individual student.

Emma Saelaert

Student in S7 English section

European School Brussels III, 2022
Tutoring subjects: Maths 5P

Jenny is a wonderful and invested tutor. She’s extremely thorough with her explanations and her teaching environment is positive and uplifting. I recently had important exams and one of my highest grades was in math. I hadn’t received a grade above 6 or 7/10 in math in 2 years until I started sessions with her. I got an 8.1 on the math prebac and I have never been happier with my math grades.

-Paola Stern, S7 English section

 On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg, 2021
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

A very successful intense Maths tutoring course that was fast-paced, efficient and ultimately very useful in studying for my Prebac exam.  I was able to work independently but also receive all the help I needed 🙂  Definitely would recommend !

-Elspeth Mair

S7 student, on-line tutoring
European School of Brussels III (EEB III), 2020 – 2021
Tutored subjects: Winter intensive revision Maths 3P

Jenny helped my son with his preparation for the BAC exams in Biology and Maths. The training was fully focused on the particular exam format and that is why the results were very good. She is a very organized and dedicated tutor, she worked very consistently and intensively with him and managed to fill in a lot of gaps in his knowledge in a very short period. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any student who is struggling with the BAC exams preparation and also to the younger students who would like to achieve better results in sciences.

– Viara Todorova-Androva

parent of S7 French section student, on-line tutoring
European School of Brussels I (EEB I), 2020
Tutored subjects: Maths 3P, biology

​I’ve always had a lot of difficulty in mathematics. In all my maths exams I got around 4 and when I got a 6 in tests I was happy. In S7, I kept going with Maths 5 periods instead of dropping to 3 periods because I would like to have my options open when choosing subjects in university. However I didn’t know how to work and I clearly didn’t work enough. This is where Jenny really helped me with her work ethic and her seriousness during class. I had two classes of two hours per week and they were all online so at first I was wondering how it could work but I immediately realized that Jenny knew what she was doing and that it was going to help me a lot. At the start of my S7 year I was sure to get a 3 or 4 in my prebac but I started classes with Jenny during November and I quickly gained confidence and I understood very well and fast due to Jenny’s clear and easy explanations. I passed from a sure 3 or 4 on my prebac in November to a 6 due to these online classes. I really thank Jenny because without her I think I would have given up maths and I wouldn’t pass this class for sure. I truly recommend her to other students who have difficulties in mathematics like me or those who are aiming for a top mark.

Thank you Jenny!

-Jonas Julien, S7 French section

 On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg, 2020
Tutoring subjects: Maths 5P.

I always had a bit of difficulty with maths and I used to obtain scores around 7 before. During my last year (S7), I started taking classes with Jenny face to face, and eventually online as well. They helped me improve tremendously over the year, and I even managed to obtain an 8.8 score in my European Baccalaureate math exam. This is a score I never thought I would manage to have. This is thanks to the clear explanations that Jenny has given me over the year as well as the continuous homework I had to do in order to achieve better results in maths.

Thanks again for everything Jenny!

-Sofia Rodrigue, S7

Face-to-face and On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Maths 3P.

University: University of Amsterdam

I started my classes with Jenny on the 1st of April, 2019. It was a one hour class and after that class, I immediately knew it was in my best interest to do more classes. At the beginning it was one hour per week but at the end, it was 3 times an hour and a half in a week. Every single class I have had was extremely useful thanks to Jenny’s very professional behavior and her deep understanding and expertise in the European Baccalaureate and the S7 syllabus in Mathematics and Physics.

With Jenny’s classes, I became the best mathematics student of my class. I got a 9/10 in the Sequences test, 9/10 in the Integrals test and I got the best score on the Mathematics Baccalaureate exam with with an 8.1/10, a 0.9 lead from the second best, which I could not have reached without her help. I also managed to score 8.8/10 in my Physics Baccalaureate exam thanks to all the reviews we did in these classes with Jenny. She would always have an answer to every question I had. Despite the fact that she moved away, the quality of the online classes remained the same as the face-to-face classes, because Jenny was always prepared and organized. It was a great class with a great teacher and I have absolutely no regrets.

-Christopher Steketee, S7 student,

Face-to-face and On-line tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Maths and physics.

Maths has always been a struggle for me. At the start of my 7th year I was predicted to hopefully get by with a 6 if everything went well, however, thanks to Jenny’s fantastic tutoring I can proudly say I got a 7 for maths in my Prebac and 7.8 in my final baccalaureate exam. Her extensive knowledge of the European schools and their curriculum allowed her to explain difficult concepts, which I had previously struggled with, in a clear, simple, refreshing manner, making her an ideal tutor for anyone struggling with Math, Chemistry or Physics and I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks for all your help Jenny; I really can’t thank you enough!

– Alexis Frankefort, S7 (18 years old)

On-line tutoring

European School of Mol 2019

Tutored Subjects: Mathematics 5P

University: Philosophy, Durham University

Jenny’s hard work, implication and wide knowledge has helped me to bring up my chemistry average and achieve an 8.0 in the European baccalaureate, without her help I feel like I would have not passed my chemistry bac which is important for my university.

– Alexander Emezie, S7 student

Face-to-face tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Chemistry

University: Environmental science, University of Glasgow

I don’t know what I would have done for my maths prebac without Jenny!

(Congratulations to Javier! His usual maths score was around 7 but he got 8.3 in his maths prebac after a weekly 2 hours tutorial from the beginning of S7. Well done.)

-Javier Sanchez, S7

face-to-face tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Maths and chemistry.

                                            University: Biotechnology in University of York

Jenny has helped me throughout the last two years of high school in both maths and chemistry. Her understanding and knowledge of the European Baccalaureate make her a great tutor. She doesn’t simply help you understand your courses but prepare you to the Baccalaureate level.

-Raquel Sousa, S6-S7 ,

Face-to-face tutoring
European School of Strasbourg 2019
Tutoring subjects: Maths and chemistry.

University : Management in Universidade Europeia Lisbon

I would like to give a big shout out to Ms. Jenny who has helped my son Marco in his revisions for Math Bac Exams. Marco used to get around 6.5 in maths (maths 5) and in his Bac exams he got an 8.

Jenny gives science lessons (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths) via Skype and I highly recommend to introduce her to the school to help other students as she helped mine. From my experience, it was not easy to find a tutor who is familiar with the european school system and was extremely relieved when I came across her. She knows the curriculum front and back and she also has helped other students in other European Schools and they all came out with great results.

-Mrs Portaluppi

parent of S7 student,
European School Varese (La Scuola Europea di Varese) 2018
Tutored subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Biology

This is to let you know that your work with François was particularly fruitful, as he got a 9.05 / 10 at his physics exam, well done! This is quite an achievement considering his preliminary mark in this subject was only 6.10…

I will be all the more happy to recommend you to other students, with my personal testimony of the excellent support you give them.

-Mrs Julien

 parent of S7 student,
European School of Strasbourg, 2018
Tutored subjects:  Physics

Hi Jenny, the bac went alright. I’m happy with my scores. For math I got an 8 in the final bac exam and my teacher said our everage was between 6 and 6.5. thank you so much for your help!!!! my teacher also said I was the only one that improved my mark (prebac 6.5), so I’m also very happy for that.

-Marco, S7 student, on-line tutoring
European School Varese (La Scuola Europea di Varese) 2018
Tutored subjects: Maths 5P

University: Mechanical Engineering, Univercity of Surrey

“Just got my chemistry exam results and I couldn’t wait to tell you! I got an 8,6 in the B-test as well as a 9,3 in my A-test! Thank you very much for your help.”

– Cosima, S5 student, on-line tutoring

European School of Alicante (Escuela europea de Alicante) 2018

Tutored subjects: Chemistry

Jenny is a great tutor. She explains everything clearly and is patient. She helped me in Chemistry and biology for my Bac and I was able to get great results. I got an 8.7 in Chemistry ad an 8.2 in Biology which I’m very happy about! She knows the European Baccalaureate system very well! It was a real pleasure learning with her.

-Giada, S7 student, on-line tutoring
European School Varese (La Scuola Europea di Varese) 2018
Tutored subjects: Chemistry and Biology

University: University College London

Jenny is a great tutor, she has helped me enormously with my chemistry BAC. She is friendly and understands the European School curriculum well, therefore there is no miscommunication. She is clear in her explanations and thus helped me achieve high results in my baccalaureate.

-Alice, S7 (17 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2017
Tutoring subjects: Chemistry .
University : Durham University

These private lessons are very helpful! In just a short amount of time, I was able to learn a lot outside school. It helped me prepare for my exams, and I can honestly say that my grade in physics and maths are a lot better. In class, She understands how the European Baccalaureate works, and we go through the concept of each topic in the syllabus before practicing the former bacs. She also like to make you taste a lot of really tasty Chinese food, I love it!

-Emilie, S7 (17 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutoring subjects: Math and physics.
University: University of Sheffield

I started taking classes with Jenny at the beginning of this school year. I started because I had difficulties in physics and I don’t understand very well in class. Jenny has helped me understand all my syllabus and has made me sparkle an interest in physics (something I never had before). She is a very good teacher, very organized in her teaching and takes over the subject to teach it in the best way for you to understand. She works outside of her time to make fiches and go over the exercise I do in class in order to get to my level and make me confident and help me understand. I remember in maths a chapter I was scared about as I did not understand anything. I remember freaking out as I had a test coming up the following week. Jenny calmed me and explained everything to me and even made revision sheets for me. At the end of two lessons I had understood everything about this chapter and ended up getting a 10 out of 10 in my test!

So I strongly recommend Jenny as a tutor. She has helped me big time and my grades have all augmented, thanks to her help. She also has a really cute cat and a large selection of tea.

-Ella, S7 (17 years old), European School of Strasbourg
Tutoring subjects: Math and physics. 2017
University:  King’s College London

Ms. Zhao’s classes help immensely to prepare me for the BAC. Her explanations are clear and simple, something that is much appreciated in the sciences! She always prepares her classes throughly. Her very well-structured classes bring order and clarity. Additionally, her schedule is flexible and last minute changes are not a problem. Overall classes I enjoy very much, and a teacher I can rely on!

-Anuscha, S7 (18 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutoring subjects: Maths and Chemistry.
University: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

The European Baccalaureate tutor has helped me understand math in a more logical and simplistic way that is not necessarily shown in school. By using comprehensible examples and using diagrams to demonstrate ideas. Working on homework together and focusing on things I didn’t fully comprehend in class the tutor makes sure you get everything.

-Hippoliet , S7 (17 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutored subjects: Maths
University offer: Erasmus University Rotterdam

This private tutoring course has helped me improve greatly in a short amount of time. She explains the concepts in an easy, understandable way, with illustrations to help me grasp the topic better. She keeps the lesson lively and fun by talking about real life situations and going through fun examples and exercises with me. Overall my understanding of physics has been better than ever, thanks to my tutor.

-Katrina, S7 (17 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutoring subjects: Physics.

University: Royal Holloway

I only had a few sessions with Jennifer Zhao a couple weeks before my baccalaureate, I wanted to work on specific areas in Chemistry and Mathematics. She rigorously prepared questions from old baccalaureates aimed to practice these specific chapters. She then provided clear and straightforward explanations as we worked through the exercises. The questions and her explanations were extremely helpful. She knew inside out the questions that would be asked for the Chemistry bac as well as the Physics and Math 5 bac. Even if I felt confident for one subject, she introduced more challenging questions from old baccalaureates to further prepare me. Through her determination and clarity, these sessions were a major help to score a higher grade in my EB, and eventually obtaining my offer. Having some tutoring experience myself, I would highly recommend Ms. Zhao.

-Quentin, S7 (18 years old),
European School of Strasbourg 2016
Tutored subjects: Chemisty and Maths
University: London School of Economics and
Political Science (LSE)


Ms. Zhao has been tutoring my daughter Emilie in both Maths and Physics for some months now. These extra classes have helped Emilie to gain confidence and to get better marks. She feels she is much more prepared for the European Baccalaureat thanks to these tutored lessons. The flexibility of Ms. Zhao is fantastic, she will always take a pupil in need whatever the day or time.

Ms. Zhao is a tutor I can only recommand as she is indeed not only a professional tutor but as well a very nice person.

-Mrs Brannan, parent of S7 student,
European School of Strasbourg, 2016
Tutored subjects: Maths, Physics

Ms. Zhao provided high-quality tutoring in math for my son in S6 at the European School. She was able to explain concepts to my son in English so he could manage the advanced math class. She also helped him with biology for his final exam, and he passed both. She is supportive and also gives regular feedback to parents.

-Sarah, parent of S5 student,
European School of Strasbourg, 2015
Tutored subjects: Maths, biology


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